Silence before the storm

June 12, 2008

Supporting print material. After all, I’m a communication designer with an affinity to information design!

Ready for the private view:

Interface Design

April 7, 2008

State of Wheels

This overview shows the main wheel-interface-design in two states:
– In turning mode (top) and
– In being activated/clicked/touched mode (bottom)

It will become the main element of the touchscreen. Each wheel can be dragged on top of each other, creating not only new retrieval combinations for the content but also new colors. The order of the wheels is defined by the user, which allows the user a very personalized approach to the content. All settings are always visible and can be easily changed by the user. This way the user gets a very transparent feeling about the changes and what effects those changes have on the output.


About 6 wheels for different retrieval possibilities are available to start the retrieval process. The chosen one has to be dragged to the center of the interface:

Wheels can be pushed back to the corners to chose another order of the retrieval. To narrow down the output, wheels can be dragged on top of each other: