Vispol 1.0 – Case-Scenario Visualisation

March 10, 2009

Quick sidenote on another project I’m working on. Another collaboration with multitouch-hard- and software wizzard Johannes Luderschmidt, which is an interactive case-scenario tool for the police of the state of Hessen in Germany called Vispol. It was originally concepted and developed as a masterstudy by Johannes but is now a full-grown software for instant use on multitouch able surfaces. I created the design concept for this has-to-be-very-functional software and developed all the designs. And yes, it’s all circles again. ¬†Believe me, it was the best suitable form for this use.¬†

What you can see now is a movie about Vispol 1.0, but we’re already working on a design update, which will feature a much better contrast and signal colours. You can see all details about it on our collaborative website

-> all details:

New Digital Volvelles Movie

March 1, 2009

Finally another cut movie with the aim to show the functionality of the Digital Volvelles 2.0 application a little bit better. Hopefully there will be soon an online mouse-version to try it out. 

Acknowledging the potential of the wheel

October 8, 2008

A new book has been published by “Die Gestalten Verlag” called “Data Flow” (9 Sep 2008). Its content deals with the visualisation of information in graphic design and the first topic of the book features the potential of circles as dataspheres. An older book that has pointed out the potential of wheels as a relevant model for modern interactive design even better is “Reinventing the Wheel” by Jessica Helfand (around 2002). Both books are very recommended sources for any information/interaction designer.

* Data Flow at ->
* Reinventing the Wheel at ->

Movie about how it works

July 16, 2008

Finally I’m able to put some filmmaterial online. We’ve filmed the way you interact with the Volvelles on the touchscreen-table in a proper way too, but still have to cut and finalize it. So in the meantime you can see this quick-and-dirty made version. We are also working on a mouseclickable version for the web so everyone can experience the new retrieval interface and its system behind it. Stay tuned.

Digital Volvelles at the Mall Galleries

May 28, 2008

Finally our little baby will be ready for some live testing. Our Multitouch-Table with the wheels-interface will be presented in the context of the Final Degree Show of the Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. If you are around London from the 13th of June to the 19th of June feel free to stop by and have a look and feel!

Entrance to the Mall Galleries:

Things that happen every day right outside the Mall Galleries:

Location: Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1Y 5BD

Opening Times: Friday 13 June to Thursday 19 June – 10am to 5pm

Official URL:

Creating the print material

May 17, 2008

While Niqui, Johannes, and Lelo are fully occupied to make the wheels working digitally, I’m kind of working on both sides – digital and print – to prepare everything for the show set up in June. The supporting print material is going to present useful and additional information how everything works. For example, two posters will show all possible combinations that can be arranged with the digital wheels in order to get a different kind of information. The work itself is getting quite complex, but somehow everything comes together now.

Steps to create the posters based on the digital interface, which are going to show all possible combinations:

Visualization Process

April 11, 2008

Finally the main colours are set now and work along the parameters of the science of colours. The farer away the wheel is, the darker and colder the color will appear. This is the main overview of the colour settings:

Furthermore I have developed the basic interface screen and made all transparency and overlaying settings work. Now I’m looking forward how it will look like when its moving.

Interface Design

April 7, 2008

State of Wheels

This overview shows the main wheel-interface-design in two states:
– In turning mode (top) and
– In being activated/clicked/touched mode (bottom)

It will become the main element of the touchscreen. Each wheel can be dragged on top of each other, creating not only new retrieval combinations for the content but also new colors. The order of the wheels is defined by the user, which allows the user a very personalized approach to the content. All settings are always visible and can be easily changed by the user. This way the user gets a very transparent feeling about the changes and what effects those changes have on the output.


About 6 wheels for different retrieval possibilities are available to start the retrieval process. The chosen one has to be dragged to the center of the interface:

Wheels can be pushed back to the corners to chose another order of the retrieval. To narrow down the output, wheels can be dragged on top of each other:

Multi-Touch-Table Installation

February 15, 2008

Here’s a very nice example of a multi-touch usable table projection by ART+COM AG