Private view at the Mall Galleries

The private view was a real success for our multitouch-able self-built table with the Digital Volvelles interface (Please have a look at the ‘ABOUT’ section of this blog, if you want to know what it’s all about the Digital Volvelles). It was great to observe how people interact with it and how intuitively most of them had understood what they have to drag, touch, turn, etc. It has proven that the concept, the design, and the implementation work well together and that all the research and work has finally payed off. To get first hand feedback from the users was one of the best experiences during the private view and this will hopefully enable us to continue with the improvement of the interface and the multitouch-table. Thanx to everyone, who could make it to the show. It was a great evening.

Guests at the private view discover how to use the Digital Volvelles:

Impressions of the interface:

One Response to Private view at the Mall Galleries

  1. […] long time after the actual private view at the Mall Galleris in London I have managed to put a little video online about our Digital Volvelles application. A more […]

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